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Our senior pets are at greater risk for disease, so it is especially important to be able to maintain good veterinary care. This plan is designed to ensure you have best access to veterinary care in a convenient and affordable way. For a monthly fee, this plan includes:

    • Two comprehensive physical examinations
    • All appropriate vaccines
    • Fecal testing to look for intestinal parasites
    • Geriatric wellness blood screening –  complete blood count, comprehensive chemistry profile and thyroid level
    • Urinalysis
    • Parasite Blood Screening (4Dx) to screen for heartworm and three tick borne diseases including Lyme disease
    • Four complimentary nail trims
  • Included With All Plans:
    • 10% discount on all flea and de-worming products
    • 10% discount on diets and vetstore orders (excluding medication)

You can also choose to add a ROUTINE DENTAL CLEANING as part of your Preventive Plan.  This service will include:

  • Comprehensive pre-anesthetic exam
  • Intravenous fluids and monitoring during anesthesia
  • Full oral exam  under general anesthetic
  • Scaling above and below the gum line
  • Polishing to smooth the tooth surface
  • Post-operative recheck appointment with dental care recommendations

• Surcharge for any extractions and additional blood work if needed.
• Any further hospitalization and diagnostic testing for unwell pets are not part of the Wellness Plans and will be additional charges as appropriate
• A non-refundable one time administration fee of $49.00 is billed at the time of initial enrollment.